About Draclies

We consult successful companies in the development of holistic product experiences and innovative interfaces. We develop brand shaping, innovative and human centered solutions. We think outside the box. We inspire. We change perspectives.

creating change

Draclies stands for brand shaping, innovative and human centered strategies and design solutions. We create an active, successful and at the same time sustainable change for our clients that is also born by a sense of responsibility in these times of major market changes.

Which strategies are sustainable in times of strong changes? How can corporations equip themselves to ensure long-term success? Which pointers can help companies to make important decisions for the next product generations if the indirect context itself can no longer be predicted?

We work with our clients to develop strategies for precisely these questions. Strategies that are adapted to the individual situation of the respective company. Our objective: long-lasting fixed points, i.e. to create value and added values that can be maintained in the long-term and reliably in the relationship between the company and the market place.

human centered

When we define the corporate strategy, we place the focus on the client and his fundamental and therefore, long-term, requirements – beyond the trend-based and hype-induced desires. For example, the desire for freedom on the one hand, and striving for security and attachment on the other, have always been constant and therefore also reliable drivers for innovation and development – as we can clearly witness across all sectors in the developments of, for example, mobility, communication and social networks.

And the perpetual convergence of man-machine-communication with the patterns of the human-to-human dialogue, which are naturally adapted to situative and optimal human requirements, is a reliable long-term driver and is rewarded by the user with high acceptance. This makes the Human Centered Design Approach a guarantor for successful products. Strategies such as "Design Thinking" or "Open Innovation" help us to institutionalize these concepts here.

brand shaping

But can a company adapt to the numerous requirements that exist in parallel on the global market? No, and this is why the long-term orientation is all the more relevant for them: Differentiation by designing and refining the own brand character that stands for (added) values reliably, creates orientation and as such, lasting long-term success.

A brand for which you know what it stands for, is a reliable dimension for people that provides orientation. Purchase decisions are made based on confidence and ties to a brand, especially for products whose technological innovations can hardly be understood by consumers.


So the clear definition of brand values and their consistent communication – right up to the characteristics and perception of the products and services themselves – is a reliable strategy in these times of change.

Draclies develops innovative, holistic product and services solutions based on the customers' requirements, which are adapted to the respective company's character and the addressed markets, that provide an identifiable functional as well as emotional added value for the user – and as such, ensure our clients' long-term success.

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